Assurance and Compliance

External auditing, independent project reviews and everything in between. 

Our Service

Our team understands the importance of health and safety legislation and how it applies in the workplace. With extensive knowledge of safety management as well as the creation of policy and procedures across industries, our team can help shed light on areas of improvement, as well as provide the right pathways for you to get there.

External Auditing

We bring you interdependent external auditing of health and safety systems, processes and practices. Not only do we focus on compliance, but we also look at company and workforce culture to give you the complete 360 view before diving in.

Risk Reviews

Need a second opinion? Facilitation of risk reviews is one of our strong suits. We can provide advice with technical health and safety knowledge within your business, so you don't have to second guess.

Site Inspections

You've got several moving parts to a project, and we can help ensure you're in the clear. Our team can come by for external inspections of site works, to make sure you're on track and haven't missed anything.

Don't get overwhelmed with
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