Testing is now live

After a number of months, testing of SafeAIde is now live. Currently user testing both single and multiple questions against over 200,000 reference points. 

Intellegent - Verification

With SafeAIde, you can be confident that your advice is backed by the
most up-to-date guidance from WorkSafe NZ and global sources.


SafeAIde is a machine-learned application that can reference current websites and industry guidance documents. It has a reference database of all current New Zealand legislation, best practice guidelines, general information, and standards, from safety regulators in New Zealand, New South Wales Australia and Canada. These reference databases enable it to produce a reference report that provides clear links to the guidance that is relevant to the answer it has provided. 

Beta testing is the process of testing a product, software or application before its official launch to ensure that it meets the desired quality standards. It involves a group of users trying out the product and providing feedback on its functionality, usability, and overall user experience. This feedback helps us identify any issues or bugs that need to be fixed before the product is released to the public, ensuring that the end user has a seamless experience. Beta testing is an essential step in the development process, as it helps improve the product’s overall quality and user satisfaction.

At this stage, the SafeAIde tool is going to be limited to LM Safety and its clients. 

As a client who uses our services one-off, you will get a limited period of access. 

For contracted, retainer or mentoring clients, you will get ongoing access while our agreement is in place. 

We will investigate paid access to SafeAIde in the coming months. 


What is ROPS?


ROPS stands for Roll Over Protective Structure [Source: AS 1636-1-1996]. It is a structure that is designed to reduce the risk of injury to the operator in the event of a machine rolling over. The primary purpose of ROPS is to prevent the operator from being crushed or otherwise injured in a rollover accident.

ROPS is a mandatory safety feature in agricultural tractors and is intended to minimize the risks to the health and safety of drivers involved in roll-over accidents. It is crucial for designers and manufacturers of ROPS to verify the design and performance of ROPS to ensure their effectiveness in protecting the operator [Source: AS 1636-1-1996].