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We take pride in being health and safety generalists with rich experience across multiple areas. 

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Providing health & safety support & guidance to governance groups

Providing support and guidance to governance groups relating to health and safety.

Bowtie Risk Assessment

Providing a framework for critical risk management and then facilitation of Bowtie assessments and their action plans.

External Auditing

Independent external auditing of health and safety systems, processes and practices. Focusing on both compliance and culture.

Risk Reviews / Audits

Facilitation of risk reviews, or offering experience and some technical health and safety knowledge, as well as external inspections of site works.

Health & Safety Coaching

Group or one-on-one coaching from CEO through to health and safety representatives, including front line leaders.

ACC Claim Management

Working in conjunction with the business, ACC, and the injured person to help speed up the recovery process.

Health & Safety Systems

Development or review of health and safety systems, no matter how simple or complex they are.

Investigations / Expert Opinions

Undertaking external investigations, reviewing and providing opinions.

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