Svantek SV200A

Environmental Noise Monitoring Station

Svantek SV200A Noise monitoring station

SV 200A Noise Monitoring Station

We’re thrilled to announce a New Zealand first!  We are currently the only provider of the Svantek SV 200A Noise Monitoring Station for hire in New Zealand. 

SV 200A noise monitoring station is the top-of-the-range station with built-in microphones for noise directivity detection. This revolutionary solution enables the identification of dominant noise sources, providing information about their location both in vertical and horizontal directions. In practice, the measurement of directionality gives the opportunity to indicate the dominant source of noise in the area of measurement or to exclude unwanted events.

This cutting-edge equipment features five class-one microphones for precise noise directivity detection, allowing us to pinpoint dominant noise sources both vertically and horizontally in a 360-degree field. With the onboard recordings, we can then listen to those exact noise sources.

This innovative tool is perfect for accurately identifying the main contributors to noise in any given area or for ignoring irrelevant disturbances, providing comprehensive data for our noise monitoring clients.

Class 1

The SV 200A noise monitoring station is an all-in-one instrument. The Station can perform a realtime frequency analysis in 1/1 and 1/3 octave bands. Additionally it can record the audio signal for noise sources recognition and data recalculation. All being available from a live remote online portal.


Four additional microphones located on sides of the housing use the sound intensity technique to detect the direction of a dominant noise source both in the vertical and horizontal axes. The Leq distribution in angle sectors is saved as the time-history and can be used for data filtering and reporting.

24 hour Operation

With an internal Li-Ion battery and interface for direct solar panels connection, the waterproof housing ensure the monitoring station is fit for long term outdoor use. The large windscreen is highly efficient in reduction of a wind noise effects even at high wind speeds. Metal spikes protect station against birds.

Need it for a short term or long term?
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