We're about both details, and scope. 


Our Services 

We have extensive investigation experience from a company perspective - not from a regulators. This perspective is key to learning from any incident rather than being punitive focused. 

LM Safety consultants have assisted companies of all sizes, as well as lawyers, insurers and regulators in investigating, reviewing and providing opinions relating to incidents. We even have our own in-house licensed private investigators to assist. 

We understand the Worksafe NZ Enforcement Decision-Making model extremely well and the effects it can have on business. 


Photogrammetry & Scaled Photos


Drone Photography

Using the latest in drone technology from DJI, we are able to create a 3D image of incident scenes very quickly and with incredible detail. 

True to Scale Photographs

All of our site photographs include a photogrammetry scale to ensure that there are no questions later on. 

CAA Compliant 

All drones are piloted by competent pilots and we strictly adhere to and exceed CAA Part 101 requirements. 

FBI Class Equipment

As prosecutions become more serious in nature, why settle for sub standard equipment? All our scales are FBI registered, and photos are taken with full frame true to scale DSLR cameras. 

Don't get overwhelmed with investigations,

let's work together.