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Pacific and Maori H&S Training in the Workplace

This is a health and safety training course that takes cultural values, literacy levels and customs into consideration, ensuring that you are setting up your teammates for success. 

Afele focuses on storytelling, simplicity and an interactive approach in his delivery of health and safety material, ensuring knowledge is not only delivered with accuracy, but is retained to it's full potential.  

This course is intended for:

  • Any Maori, Pacific or Migrant workers 
  • Anyone working alongside Maori, Pacific or Migrant workers, who would benefit from learning about varying cultural values and differences
  • Leaders within the workplace who would benefit from understanding how their team may differ in communication and learning styles


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Safety for Leaders

The ultimate tool-kit.

This training course provides a foundation to assist your company leaders in creating engaged and empowered workplaces, while ensuring safety is a collective responsibility.

In this course we reflect on organisations having and understanding strong, effective and practical safety practices and procedures. We focus on steps that make the biggest difference in keeping people safe and surpassing regulatory requirements.

Workplaces need to be able to dynamically assess risk in varying situations. When sound safety practices and procedures are integrated into daily practices, the amount of risk based decisions can be greatly reduced.

This course covers the following:
  • Introduction to Health and Safety
  • Introduction to New Zealand Health and Safety
  • Health & Safety Legislation
  • Hazard, Harm, Risk and Risk Controls
  • Health and Safety Risk Management
  • Event Reporting
  • Investigation Process
  • Contractor Management 


Contractor Management

Consult, Cooperate & Co-ordinate

One of the most challenging and complex aspects of managing workplace safety can be managing contractors and the connection between multiple PCBU's.

Our Contractor Management course is designed to give your organisation the knowledge, understanding and processes to effectively manage the entire contractor cycle from start to finish. 

This programme is intended for any employee who:

  • Engages or manages contractors
  • Consults, cooperates or co-ordinates in a multiple PCBU situation
  • Is responsible for general procurement
  • Is an elected or appointed health and safety representative



MICAM Investigation

MICAM - Maximised Incident Causation Analysis Method

This course was developed to meet a gap that exists between the '5 Why's" approach and the ICAM methodology. 'M' stands for Maximised, as following the process maximises your results relative to the time and effort put in.

An added benefit is that MICAM analysis reflects the categories that are used in ICAM resulting in integration between the two methodologies.

This course is intended for: 

  • Anyone elected as a health and safety representative
  • Team Leaders and Managers who are required to be undertaking investigations
  • Any person that is required to review an investigation to ensure appropriate and practicable corrective actions sought.


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Advanced Investigator Training

Empowering your leaders. 

This course is for your leaders, as well as your employees who have demonstrated a keen sense of ownership and a fine eye for detail.

The purpose of this course is to equip each attendee with the knowledge required to comply with legislative requirements as they relate to workplace investigations - whether HR, employment or health and safety - and to introduce the process for applying for a Private Investigator License. 

This course will cover the following: 

  • Privacy Act 2020
  • Evidence Act 2006
  • Victims’ Rights Act 2002
  • Criminal Procedure Act 2011
  • Employment Relations Act 2000


Injury Management 

Let's get this sorted. 

Not one injury is the same, and the more you understand about the ACC process, the less stressful this can be on your employees. This course will help your team navigate the ins and outs of ACC from injury through to rehabilitation, so you can provide the best support for your staff while maintaining a clear path to recovery. 

This course is intended for: 

  • Anyone elected as a health and safety representative
  • Anyone who manages people within the workplace


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