Aiming for a Safer Work Environment: WorkSafe’s Four Priorities

Learn about WorkSafe's four intervention priorities for a safer work environment. LM Safety shares their expertise in traffic management, dust control, worker engagement, and work design.

At LM Safety, we have always been dedicated to helping our clients across many industries maintain the highest health and safety standards. We’d like to discuss a recent webinar where WorkSafe’s chief executive, Phil Parkes, spoke about aligning health and safety advice with WorkSafe’s four key intervention priorities.

WorkSafe is intently focused on these priorities and encourages all health and safety practitioners to rally around these goals to avoid creating confusion and to optimise outcomes. Given our expertise and direct channels into businesses, we at LM Safety play a crucial role in supporting these priorities.

Here’s a breakdown of the four key priorities set by WorkSafe:


  1. People Meet Machinery: Encounters with machines account for 80% of acute serious injuries at work. These encounters can occur with a wide range of machinery, from hand tools to forklifts. We at LM Safety completely agree with Phil’s emphasis on focusing on critical risks and offer expert advice on traffic management. We believe that proper controls can make a significant difference, and there should be no excuses for ignoring them.
  1. Dust and Particulates: One-third of occupational disease-related deaths annually, between 750 to 900 people, are due to inhalation of dust and chemicals. Our certified occupational hygienist at LM Safety is well-equipped to provide advice and conduct testing to control this risk.
  1. Worker Voice: A good safety culture requires good leadership, effective worker engagement, and a robust risk assessment process. We strongly believe in the value of the worker voice in fostering a safer work environment.
  1. Work Design: Poor work design often leads to preventable injuries. At LM Safety, we have been involved in safety by design for a number of years with plenty of projects under our belt. We’re determined to shift the focus from managing symptoms of bad work design to actually improving the work design itself. This not only helps prevent injuries but also allows organisations to thrive.


These priorities, as outlined by Phil, align well with WorkSafe’s three strategic outcomes: Safe Work, Healthy Work, and Equitable Outcomes. Together, we can change the way work is done to reduce health and safety issues.

While each business will have its own priorities that it will need to focus on, At LM Safety, we echo WorkSafe’s sentiment and are committed to integrating these four priorities into our approach, contributing to safer work environments with all of our clients.

We will continue to support our clients through expert advice and our robust suite of health and safety services, encouraging alignment with WorkSafe’s priorities and helping to create healthier, safer, and more equitable workplaces.

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