Not about the Stock Standard

Pacific and Maori specialized training in the workplace.

Here Comes the Cold

Close-up of car wheels rubber tires in deep winter snow. Transportation and safety concept.

The winter season is quickly approaching, bringing with it the most dangerous working conditions. Now is the time to prepare, think ahead and take care.

Investigations 101

A statement taken immediately after an incident occurs, can drastically reduce the time, effort and money your organization spends on the process.

Storing Fuel in New Zealand: Rules, Regulations and Guidance

Filling the jerry can with fuel at a petrol station as the fuel crisis continues

If you’re going to do it, be smart about it. Here’s the safe way to store fuel in New Zealand.

Sensationalism Above Sound Advice

Another prosecution in the headlines, but where is the guidance and supporting facts to help steer businesses in the right direction?

Welding fume and the need to measure personal exposure

Welders exposed to hazardous welding fume and chemicals require protection. Employers must provide protective equipment and personal monitoring.

Noise about Noise

Manage noise risks in the workplace with equipment, insulation, and hearing protection. Undertake personal exposure monitoring to ensure employee safety.


An AI-powered application that revolutionizes health and safety compliance. With its transparent reference report and human oversight.

Aiming for a Safer Work Environment: WorkSafe’s Four Priorities

Learn about WorkSafe’s four intervention priorities for a safer work environment. LM Safety shares their expertise in traffic management, dust control, worker engagement, and work design.